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Basic eligibility criteria for a MS program in USA
July 29, 2016

Before applying to USA Universities, you need to check whether you are eligible to meet the basic entry requirements of the Universities. So, who is eligible for pursuing MS in USA?  What are the requirements for applying for MS in USA?

So, a brief of Eligibility for MS in USA can be discussed as follows:

  1. Completion of 16 years of education

All most all Universities in USA need 16 years of previous education to be eligible for applying to a MS program.  It can be in the combination of, 10+2+4 years bachelors degree or 10+3 years diploma+3 years bachelors degree or 10+2+3 years bachelors degree+1 or 2 years Masters degree.  You should be getting the transcript from all the institutions attended.

Students who have done their BA, BCom, BSc, and BBM  two options:

  • One is to do a one year diploma in a college which is recognized by a university or the AICTE. Please remember that it should be connected study and the student should do a diploma which is related to the subject that he has studied in some way. Computer courses are not acceptable.
  • Two, enter directly into the US in a Pre MBA/MS program which means they have to do an extra year of study and then enter the master’s program which is of two year duration.
  1. Standardised Test Scores

GRE or GMAT is mandatory for all most all Universities.  You should have a valid test score while applying.  There is no such cut off or pass-fail for GRE scores. However, for the general understanding and screening, the admissions will assign a cut off of GRE verbal and quantitative section score. Ideally, GRE score should be at least 300/340, but there are Universities do accept the scores below 300.  GMAT score expected is 650/800.


  1. English proficiency tests

TOEFL and IELTS are the widely accepted English proficiency tests.  This helps the admissions team to analyse the applicant’s language ability. The minimum TOEFL score required is 79 and IELTS is 6.5 band, however, some Universities would need a higher score. One should target the TOEFL score of 100/120 and IELTS scores of 7/9.


  1. Academic performance

The aggregate of all the eight semesters of the Bachelors degree is taken into account during the admissions. A student must have at least 60% as an overall aggregate for an admission into a good university. The Universities calculate the academics in GPA and the minimum GPA requirement is 2.5 / 4. Very good academics play an important role in deciding the admission.


  1. Portfolio

All students opting for architecture and fine arts program must submit a portfolio of previous work or projects undertaken. This is a major factor for admission along with the other requirements.


Once an applicant meets the basic criteria of application, there are a lot of other factors considered while taking a decision. Those are, the number and quality of project works undertaken and skills obtained, your research activities and paper publications in the relevant filed, work experience gained in the field, your skills matching with the University requirement for research, the entire approach of your application including the quality interpretation of your purpose and preparedness for study through the statement of Purpose and letter of recommendation etc.,

So, be ready for the application and everyone can apply for the MS program in USA.