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How to choose the right school from multiple admits?
March 7, 2016

Usually, students apply to multiple schools for a better chance of being accepted into the desired institution. For some, getting multiple admits is a sense of pride and satisfaction, but for others, it is a stressful situation. Yes, it is a stressful exercise to choose the school, if the institutions are more or less equal. So, what are the factors to be considered making this selection easy.

    • Make a matrix of all your admits:

In order to understand and compare the admits, a systematic approach of analyzing facts is required. Keep the columns of costs like tuition fee, living expenses, location, weather, internships, and so on.

    • Check the actual costs:

The costs mentioned would be an approximate in all records, so do not hesitate to follow up with the institution to calculate the actual costs.

    • Connect with the Professors:

You need to talk to a department head or a program co-ordinator or professors in the discipline you plan to study by phone or e-mail. Gather more information on academic programs and see how you like the program and instructors.

    • Consider student resources and extra-curricular activities at the campus:

Academics are important, but they only make up part of the college experience. Student clubs, sports opportunities and other extracurricular activities might help to balance in one school’s favor.

    • Environment:

The campus environment is another factor influencing the decision. This can include a wide range of factors, such as location and school size, be that a large urban campus or a more intimate college setting in a smaller city. Being an international student, the weather condition, accommodation, travel etc., also matters a lot.

    • Connect with students joining/ studying in the same University or Alumni:

School officials may encourage you to get to know peers through a college-created Facebook page. Getting to know the people you’ll be attending classes with at a school could aid in your decision. The alumni and current students can support you with information from a student perspective.

    • Hear what others say:

Hear what other people say. It might be a genuine personal, professional or heard experiences. Take it in good spirit and do not be judgmental.